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Lady Anna Jessica in a Masquerade Ball
Sunday, December 22, 2013 | 12:31 AM | 0 comments

Two weeks to make the gown, a day of mask materials-accessory-clutch bag-shoes shopping, and a day to design the mask. This is what it took to prepare for our company's Masquerade-Black Ball themed Christmas Party. The event took place at the Megatent, Libis, QC. We book a room at the Hotel 878 Libis to make things easier for the rest of our preparation. This involved hair and make-up courtesy of my colleague, Precy's friends - Carla and Dolfa. I especially thank Dolfa who did my hair and make-up. Although the after party didn't go as expected (which is a first for me...no pun intended) it was still a great night of dancing, screaming and eating at the Concur Black Ball.

On the way home the next morning, I couldn't help but reminisce on the night and feeling rather blessed of the blessings I've been receiving the past few months. Of course this is compared to the past 5 years I've been working after college. Don't get me wrong the experience from those years are a privilege and molding, but somehow it doesn't come close to how I'm feeling now. I may be exaggerating or be a little too dramatic, but that's the best way I can explain how I feel about this past year.

I took another risk and it seems to be paying off. Although I'm going to delay counting my eggs for now as I don't want to assume everything is alright. Nothing will be alright until everything is in it's place and well that takes more dedication. (this may not make sense to you but to me it does...sorry ahihi)

Here are my fave pictures from the Concur Black Ball:

Greedy for Music & Fashion plus skin problems
Sunday, August 18, 2013 | 2:01 PM | 0 comments

Have you ever come to a point of wanting to learn more about something? That's how I am everyday. But it's not things that will make you money all the time or make you more intellectual as an individual. It's stuff like music and fashion. Of course I'm not saying you can't make money out of it, just that with the kind of work I have entered into it really doesn't fit in. (Am I making any sense? LOL)

Anyway...yeah so I'm literally greedy for music and fashion right now. I want to know what's new and what's good. What I could try to wear. These days watching MTV, Channel V or MYX isn't enough because they don't really show "everything" out there. Or maybe they do but you can't expect me to sit down AAAALLL day and watch for what's new that's just ridiculous. The same goes for the radio. As for fashion..well..I'm no fashionista but I do love looking at what's new in fashion. It amazes me how creative one person can be to create such wonderful pieces to wear. Yes, not everyone can pull it off or fit in one (like me) but it's still good to look at. Of course let's not forget the prices. OH MY GAHD!! http://www.anikaos.com/0004-pinkusagi/kaos-pinkusagi23.gif the prices...I don't even want to start...But I guess even they need to earn money... http://www.anikaos.com/0004-pinkusagi/kaos-pinkusagi21.gif

Well yeah...I just wanted to get that out of my head...excuse me if my babbling bores you...http://www.anikaos.com/0004-pinkusagi/kaos-pinkusagi03.gif


On a personal note, my skin asthma has made its presence visible again. Uncomfortable and well expensive. http://www.anikaos.com/0004-pinkusagi/kaos-pinkusagi02.gif So if you have complaints about not having enough money to buy your "material wants" then think twice because the amount you spend for it can probably be spent to buy my meds. http://www.anikaos.com/0004-pinkusagi/kaos-pinkusagi42.gif

http://www.anikaos.com/0004-pinkusagi/kaos-pinkusagi40.gif The whole Saturday this weekend I was sleeping because of my meds. And I feel rather guilty for not being quite as productive on my last day of work for the week because of my drowsiness...http://www.anikaos.com/0004-pinkusagi/kaos-pinkusagi01.gif

So yeah be glad you're not as sick as I am....

MFR Group Meet Up at The Fort
Saturday, August 10, 2013 | 11:23 PM | 0 comments

Even though my movie date with Kumareng CJ didn't push through I enjoyed meeting new people earlier this afternoon. Yes, the introvert side of myself has the courage to do group meet ups with strangers from a K-pop forum I'm part of. It's not like it's the first one I've been to. In college it was crazier because I'd meet up with strangers from the Bamboo (the Band) Yahoogroups forum whenever there were gigs nearby or far. LOL. Those were the days...

Anyhoo.. One of my favorite fanfiction writers had several copies of her Mobster for Rent (MFR) fanfic published for those who wanted a copy. Of course the names were changed because you can't really publish a book and use the names of those in your fanfic. That stays online. You're probably thinking what kind of people I met with. Well....they're....normal, average people. K-pop fans like me. (^__^) Fans who are studying or working. Fans who like to spaz with fellow fans like me. Fans who love to discuss all the raves in K-pop music.Fans who aren't able to talk K-pop with colleagues from school or work. In layman terms, it's like going gaga over your crush who just passed by with your girlfriends. I'd say the same thing about guys but they don't go gaga over their crushes (let's not go there...hehe)

Because I'm not very good with memorizing names I'm hoping to get to know them more this time, now that I've met some of them in person.

I'll update with a proof shot of my books later...


*proof shot*

My thoughts made poetry...
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 | 11:41 AM | 0 comments

See this is what happens when I start to think too much and can't seem to express it in a journal-like way of writing. Instead I express it in poetry, although it doesn't always convey what I'm feeling or thinking. I use poetry as a why to filter some of the stressful thoughts. Thoughts that have been stuck in the darkest corners of my mind. Thoughts I've set aside for later use. Thoughts I've hidden in a shell. It sure has been a long while since I've written poems. Which explains why they're a bit shorter than my usual stuff.You might think my writing to be childish because I make it a point to have each end of the line rhyme. But that's just how I like it. Besides it's not really that easy to rhyme something and still keep the thought of the poem going. It won't make sense to you unless you open your mind.While most famous poets back then or currently like to use old words or deep words, I prefer to keep it simple. I don't know why I'm even explaining myself about this...LOL

Guilty I feel,
Something hard to peel.
Cautious steps to avoid eggshells,
It would be like ringing the bells.
An apology is not enough,
Makes it even harder when you think about this stuff.

Lovely are the feelings words can conjure, 
Wandering through like a herd does on a pasture. 
Bringing about wondrous thoughts,
Leading you to connect random dots.
Amazing, what you can do with words, 
Something you can’t compare with talking birds. 
Literary preaching that knows no bounds,
Touching hearts and minds as it goes around.

Buns and Passion
Wednesday, February 6, 2013 | 11:25 PM | 0 comments

My hair has officially become long enough to tie into a bun. A small bun but a bun nonetheless. I'm really anxious because by Monday next week I start a new chapter for the new job I got. Well I'm not working just yet. They say it's going to be training for a month soooo....yeah.  I'm still deciding what to do with my hair so for now I'm letting it grow unless I have it cut short again....kekeke

Eight months, I endured from my previous employment; not that it was difficult or anything. It was pretty lax and a totally different work description from what I started from 6 years ago. But what bothered me was how inconsistent the management was and sort of misleading. I accepted the fact that they provided a low salary, which was literally half of what I used to earn. My co-workers were fine to work with. But still for a graveyard shift and an outsourcing "expanding" small company you still tend to expect growth. I understand that they're a small company but even small companies have growth within the company...innovation. I got pretty confused since I would get the impression that they don't have the budget, but then they actually do since they just imposed an incentive system last December 2012 that is supposed to motivate the employees to perform even better and come to work on time everyday. Plus points for the company because it did motivate them somehow. But then by January results show that only a few people got the incentive since the schedule adherence didn't meet the requirements to qualify for an incentive.When I say few I think it was just 3 people and accounting is still holding the money because of technicalities. So minus points for the company. 

As much as I wanted to start fresh and new at this company, financial responsibilities made its calling and I decided to look for something better and stable. I'm 27 and don't have the luxury of time to wait for this company to come to its senses and decide to "grow." No offense to them...ahehe 

So now here I am a week after my effective date of resignation; getting my requirements in order and catching up on my reading. Of course there's also the occasional watching of several TV series and movies I wasn't able to see. 

This moment makes me remember my former professor's Facebook status about finding your passion. Something that seems to have gotten lost along the way...hopefully I find it again...I'm just glad that the bulk of my stress has ended now...I just need to worry about what's to come and think positive...


Pasta, Chinese Zodiac and a Dog bite
Tuesday, February 5, 2013 | 9:42 AM | 0 comments

Last Sunday, my lil' bro Raymond cooked pasta like we were going to have guests even though we weren't. LoL. So we still have pasta until today.   Pasta, pasta, pasta....oh my...good thing there's tea here to help with digestion. Three days of pasta can be too much for anyone except kids.

If you look at the bright side though, that's 3 days of no cooking and 3 days of less eating, especially since pasta's really heavy on the stomach. After this I'm sure I won't be craving for noodles or pasta in the next few weeks. And because I've started brisk walking in the mornings that's an extra hour for the calorie intake. ahehe. 

 After all the pasta cooking, the family went to watch the Chinese Zodiac a.k.a. CZ12 at Southmall. It's Jackie Chan's last movie before his retirement. Kwon Sang-woo, was also in the film, you probably know him as the leading man in Stairway to Heaven. I only knew of the movie from my lil bro and didn't really look up the cast, so I was a surprised to see him there. As usual he looked the same...hot and cute...kekeke..come on it's KWON SANG-WOO !!!    Anyhoo.....the movie was really funny and cool; just as you would expect from a Jackie Chan movie. Although some of you may think it not as great as his past movies but you should admit that it was still good. You can't really expect sooo much. I mean the guy is getting old (safety first) and I think this movie was meaningful to him because he did all the stunts himself like old times and got injured himself in the process like old times. ahehe...Hats off to Jackie Chan for a movie well done. I'll miss his movies, only Jackie Chan could do that kind of humor and action on and off cam. It's still kinda sad since there's no one else like him in the generation of actors today, which I have to say is epic. These days it's about good-looking guys with big guns who can pound you to the ground...tsk where's the fun in that?   I'm so going to buy the DVD of this film when it comes out 


Note to self: Never go near touch your dog smelling of allergy ointment or else you get bitten. 

Yup, for the Nth time my dog, Gizmo, bit me. No correction, he chomped on my hand for a good 1 minute. He was soo irritated after I patted him (note he was the one that came to me for a petting) that he literally chomped on my right hand; leaving it bruised and a piece of skin nicked off.  The wound is a bit deep I could literally see inside, making me nauseous afterwards. I had to lay down after disinfecting it because I really felt like throwing up. So here I am on my second day putting an ice pack on my swollen hand. 

As punishment my lil bro locked him in his dog house, when we usually let him out in the day so he can stretch his limbs. Tsk...my dog is so sensitive to smell that even wearing cologne or perfume gets him riled up.

My Writing Resurrection
Monday, February 4, 2013 | 10:00 AM | 0 comments

It's been a long time since I wrote in an online blog. The last time was in college. My LJ is still live but I don't update it anymore. Mostly because I think that blog was for a time in my life where I was so active in trying to do my best at achieving my dream to be a writer. Now though...it seems I lost that passion and drive to be who I wanted to be when I was in grade school. I guess I was hit by my insecurities and lost the passion for writing, not that I'm any good at it though.(see what I mean?) I let it get the best of me.  I still feel that way, but now I'm going to try and pick myself up from all the mess. One by one I'm going to try and pick up the pieces of me that dreamed to make something of myself.

So....here I am blogging online again. I actually deleted everything that used to be here and kept a written journal/diary where I write the more personal stuff. Stuff I'm sure people here don't need to bother themselves with...he he he...

I  spent half the day picking out a cute template for my blog and found one that I really like through the site blogskins.com courtesy of  ATINTORY. I had fun editing the css template provided, something I missed a lot since Friendster...kekeke.. What do you think is it cute?  (^_^) I don't usually use this kind of templates but it really suits my mood so I went with it. It just makes me smile....widely. kekeke. (^_______^) RILAKKUMAAAAA!!!! kekeke...hontoni kawaii!